Bengali Community (Singapore) - BCS is a non-profitable organization in Singapore that has achieved significant outcomes in Bengali cultural heritage, for members and various communities in Singapore particularly valuable in multi-ethnic Singapore.

BCS represents a community of Bangladeshi born Singaporean and expatriate from Bangladesh and South East Asia region those who are involved in various professional fields in Singapore and working group of people who have paramount role in the Nation Building. It also plays in the promotion of peace, love and harmony, irrespective of their religious identities and culture to endeavor and preserve harmony among ourselves which could lead the world a better and more peaceful place for all of us.

Over the years, BCS has cultivated active relationship building between its large memberships in a multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-religious country like Singapore Since its inception, BCS has been constantly upgrading its facilities and services to serve the society and community as well as nation building.

Main Objective of Bengali Community (Singapore)

• BCS fosters positive social value and fulfills the spiritual and cultural needs of the society. Focus has been on encouraging bonding among Singaporeans and Bangladeshi expatriates culturally as well as socially. We are blessed to be able to promote the Bengali tradition in a melting pot like Singapore. It is the Management Committee’s visionary foresight, boundless enthusiasm and relentless hard work that led to the establishment of this wonderful society. Steered by their energetic leadership, BCS has carved for itself a rewarding path of rapid growth. Together, we strive to promote lifelong learning and community service.

• BCS Management Committee has been working relentlessly to uphold the reputation of Bengali Community among Singaporeans and to foster brotherhood within Bengali Community through organizing various cultural and welfare activities.

• Maintaining unity in the Society and community; enhance family life through recreation and entertainments. Increase moral and social value of the community, respect for each other and maintain our existence and quality of life style. Maintain our identity, culture and social harmony in a multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-religious country like Singapore.

Current Activities

• We have activated BCS Scholarship; this is to assist those talented unfortunate secreted endowed children in Bangladesh who could not afford education and let the unfortunate secreted endowed children to have the opportunity to endeavor their desires.

• Today the BCS has become an important place for the Bengali Community to meet and interact – more than just a place of worship. It fosters positive social value and fulfils the spiritual and cultural needs of the society.

• . We also have started Bursary programme locally for the talented students who hails from a low income family, this is to share the burden with the family associated with and encourage our young generation to be more competitive & to pay more attention to their studies, creativities, social cohesion and Nation Building.

• We have been constantly raising fund for natural disaster around the South East Asia region and donated substantial amount for the “Savar Rana Plaza Tragedy Victims” in Bangladesh, Patient with both Kidney failure & Nepal Earth Quake Victims etc. in numerous occasions.

• We have been closely working with Singapore Red Cross Society and organizing Blood donation Programme.

• BCS has been nurturing talented personalities who are thriving in the local community and collectively as a society, we feel proud to have nurtured such personalities. Their impetus to give back to the community in meaningful ways makes it even sweeter.

• Visiting Old home and providing financial and voluntary services and sharing with their feeling.

• We are also appreciating our young generation and encouraging them with token of appreciation for those who have been demonstrating remarkable achievement in their academic and professional fields as well.

• BCS have been jointly working with few organizations and providing our best services towards the local community, such as old home and notable numbers of charitable organizations in Singapore and overseas as well.

• We have been assisting our working group of people by providing our professional service for them to be more familiar with the local authority requirements awareness and compliance.

• We have started Sanatan Darm education course in line with the curriculum and/or syllabus, this is to let our next generation to know about the spiritual values and culture of Sanatan Darm and Vedic Hindu tradition.


Some Of BCS Activities And Events

Recent Event

16th Anniversary Sharodiyo Durga Utshob By BCS

Dear All;

The President & The Management Committee of Bengali Community Singapore (BCS) has the distinct privilege of inviting you, your family and friends to the auspicious occasion of Hindu Grand Goddess Durga Puja Celebration from 1st October 2022 (Saturday) to 5th October 2022 (Wednedy). Let us once again joyously assemble for the event that represents so quintessentially the Bengali culture, the swaying of Kaash Phool, the fragrance of Shiuli Phool and the fluffy white clouds amidst the crisp blue sky of Sarat.

Together, let us seek the limitless, all-encompassing blessings from our beloved Doshobhuja Jaganmata, so we may thrive and prosper in mind, body and soul in the coming year and thereafter.


President; Mobile: (65) 90279465
Email: uttom.nag@gmail.com

Honorary Secretary; Mobile: (65) 90613974
Email: haridashbasak@yahoo.com

Download Invitation Durga Puja 2022


Message from President

Message from VP (Shailbal Seal)

Message from General Secretary



Mr. Uttom Kumar Nag


Bengali Community (Singapore)

Registration No. ROS 1089/2007

Registered Office:

Block – 56, #20-15, The Madeira,

Bukit Batok Street – 31, Singapore


Website: www.bengalics.org

E-Mail: info@bengalics.org

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